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Western Top End Savannah Fire Management

[Price on Request] Local Indigenous Thamarrurr rangers conduct controlled burns early in the dry season, preventing larger, hotter and uncontrolled wildfires later in the season. Controlled burning produces far fewer carbon emissions than uncontrolled wildfires.


  • We will provide current pricing in response to your order.
  • We are required to approve every Indigenous Fire Management order with our Project Partners.
  • Minimum order = 250 tonnes.

Project Type

Indigenous Fire Management

Carbon Standard

Australian Government Emissions Reductions Fund

Unit Type

ACCU (Australian Carbon Credit Units)


Emissions Abatement through Savanna Fire Management

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Why support this project?

The Western Top End Savannah Fire Management (WTESFM) project is located within the Thamarrurr region of the Northern Territory; an area prone to extreme, devastating wildfires that affect the landscape, people, plants and animals. 

The Thamarrurr Rangers employ similar techniques as their ancestors – burning areas in the early dry season to reduce wildfires and refresh country – as well as the latest technology to plan and strategically manage “cool fire”. This includes conducting aerial and on-ground burning to prevent late season wildfires and reduce overall carbon emissions. They use satellite technology to track their progress and observe change.

Who we work with

TEM is proud to work with the Thamarrurr Development Corporation Ltd (TDC) – a non-profit organization formed by the collective ownership of four primary ceremonial groups – the Wangka, Lirrga, Wulthirri, and Tjanpa peoples – and founded by the 20 clans inhabiting the Thamarrurr region.

TDC assumes a pivotal leadership and governance function within the region, bolstering the community’s pursuit of economic self-sufficiency and liberation from dependence on welfare and governmental aid.

Thamarrurr is derived from the local Murinhpatha language and means, ‘coming together to work as one people’. It reflects the ceremonial and traditional foundations of the region’s people.

Community Impact

In addition to reducing harmful emissions, the project also delivers significant social, cultural and economic benefits for Indigenous Australians, for example the employment of local rangers; connecting people back to country and protecting important cultural sites.

The statutory land trust – Daly River Port Keats Aboriginal Land Trust (DRPKALT) – holds the land on behalf of the Traditional Owners from each estate in the Thamarrurr Region. This is inalienable freehold land, held under the Aboriginal Land Rights (Northern Territory) Act 1976.

Under Thamarrurr, all land-owning groups have traditional rights and responsibilities over their land, and are able to work together to resolve issues involving that land.

Real and Lasting Impact

Permanence: Project activities must represent permanent reductions in GHG emissions. Well-designed savanna fire management activities that are implemented in the early dry season avoid emissions in the late dry season. Avoided emissions are considered permanent.

Additionality: A project is additional if the GHG emissions reductions would not occur without the intervention of the project activities in accordance with the registered project. Savanna fire management activities for the primary purpose of emissions reductions are not required under local, state or law. Further, the application of landscape-scale strategic early dry season fire management is highly resource-intensive, incurring substantial costs. Despite the myriad of benefits that flow from the activities in the Thamarrurr region, they would not occur in the absence of the registered project. Therefore, the project GHG emissions reductions are additional.

Leakage: In the context of savanna fire management projects, leakage refers to the risk that emissions reductions in the project area will generate increased emissions outside the project area. There are no leakage risks associated with this TDC project. Conducting savanna fire management activities in a project area does not increase the risk of high-emissions wildfire in other areas, and/or displace savanna fire management activities in nearby landscapes.

SDGs: The project contributes to the following United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:



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Price available on request

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Where does my money go?

Your purchase goes to the procurement of fully verified and independently audited carbon offset projects. TEM’s operational, due-diligence, risk management and marketing costs are also included in the list price. By purchasing from these projects, you are mobilising capital to support the project’s ongoing operations and benefits, alongside of ensuring measurable emissions reductions and avoidance.

What goes into pricing TEM's offsets on this site?

You may find a difference between the cost of projects listed on this site and the average prices listed on the wholesale carbon market/s. That’s because TEM offers projects where we have gone the extra mile to ensure their integrity and deliver you the end-to-end service that others won’t. Our pricing is fully inclusive of the end-to-end services to ensure integrity, including:

  • The cost to source, deliver and/or procure projects – Sourcing, purchasing and holding carbon units.
  • TEM’s proprietary due diligence and risk management for each project – Put simply, we do the work to limit the chance that you will support a project that doesn’t deliver measurable and long-term carbon abatement.
  • Our retirement process – Following each purchase, every carbon offset purchased on this site can be transparently traced to a retired carbon unit listed on an independent registry.
    What will I receive with my purchase?

    Once we’ve received your payment, we will:

    • Send you content and copy relating to the projects you’re supporting. Expect this within 1x business day of your purchase!
    • Add your company to our customer page. This will show: the projects you have supported and the volume of offsets per project. We won’t share any financial info.
    • Customers who choose to receive a company-specific retirement certificate will receive a certificate post-payment. You will receive an email once your order is placed to confirm retirement copy for your certificate. If you DO NOT require a company-specific retirement certificate, evidence of retirement will be added to your profile on this website within a month from payment. The cost for a company-specific retirement certificate = $100 per project. Adding this to your cart will refresh the page, so please wait a few seconds if you do select “Yes” for the cart to refresh. Note: you will need individual retirement for Climate Active and other certification purposes.

    • We will then send you evidence of that retirement, which includes: the listing on each registry that relates to the offsets you have purchased, a TEM-branded retirement certificate, and a link to the customer page (point 2 above).

    • Keep you updated on new projects as they’re added to TEM Online. Of course-you can choose to opt out of those emails!


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