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Carbon Marketing
6 min read

6 benefits of adopting a carbon offset strategy for your business

Originally published by TEM on 19 Aug 2022.

Throughout even the most recent difficult times, we know we need to globally transition to a more efficient and a more sustainable way to produce energy, but we also know this will take time.

Carbon offsets, or credits, are an easily deployable and effective tool to reduce emissions and mitigate the effects of climate change now, while we wait for the technology (and associated mindsets) to catch up.

Here are 6 benefits of adopting a carbon offset strategy for your business:

1. Build a ‘cleaner’ reputation

As climate issues and the global discussion about our impact on the environment comes to the forefront, it is essential to act. With consumer demands and attention shifting to the mindset of business’ integration of sustainable aspects, social credibility has started to depend on it with more consumers making the choice of sustainable options over others.

Travellers themselves are looking for sustainable options, with more and more travellers opting for packages that support the importance of a climate positive approach. With an abundance of breathtaking landscapes, it’s no surprise that Australia is a hotspot for visitors and explorers alike. However, we are also acutely aware of the plight our reefs, marine ecosystems, native bush, and our rural towns face. Ultimately travellers are more and more inclined to research a company’s environmental preferences and direction before booking with them.

2. Become an industry leader 

Prominent names such as Microsoft, Qantas, Lion Beverages, Lexus and Goodman have made powerful commitments towards carbon neutrality, employing strategies that support powerful carbon offset projects. The more industries that impose best practices to neutralise and manage their carbon footprint, the more momentum builds, putting pressure on high-polluting and high-impact industries.  

Small and big businesses alike, inspire others with greener market perspectives and by ‘walking the talk’.  

3. Balance out climate risks

We regularly see investors pressing for action on how industries can reduce carbon emissionsThey want attention to be diverted towards an overall ‘environmental balance’ that addresses all aspect of climate risk. 

At a large scale, businesses can become a positive inspiration for their employees, with many people choosing future employment opportunities based on value alignment. Climate considerations within businesses not only shape internal competency but in partnering with TEM, they meet strict reporting and risk requirements under the Task Force for Climate-Related Financial Disclosure. TEM’s strict due diligence processes also ensure high integrity offsets are provided. 

It is an increasing consideration that community health must come before anything else and being able to mitigate any negative climate effect your industry or your business has on this planet will ultimately mean that all future generations can enjoy the same, or better, quality of life as we do. 

4. Bag economic advantages

Not only does a carbon credit strategy enhance a business’ reputation and ensure the proper management and consideration of risk, but it can also generate both soft and hard economic benefits. Through the integration of greener, cheaper, and more effective ways of doing things, businesses can legitimately face financial growth.
Carbon offsetting offers risk managed options which can be aligned with budget requirements and  emissions reduction goals.

5. Happy employees create a happy business

Globally, we are seeing an increase in employees striving for moral satisfaction as well as economic security. It’s about having a purpose that magnifies something bigger than them. We are driven towards optimising the difference we can make, and employers need to match the passion of their staff, with their own commitments for a more meaningful contribution to the planet.

We know that the current generation is attracted to a business that is environmentally responsible. Job satisfaction leads to talent retention. Having open discussions about carbon offsetting strategies within the organisation also encourages employee participation and involvement.

6. Thrive in projects that enhance all of nature’s goodness

TEM’s projects are intricately aligned with the advantages of net zero goals for business’. The ultimate outcome is to demonstrate a significant reduction in carbon throughout our natural environment and communities.

The offering of a wide range of offset projects provides diversity in a businesses chosen portfolio.   The selection process of these projects that qualify them above others, is rigorous, and projects span everything from land regeneration to green technologies. Carbon capture, rainforest restoration, community health, waste-to-energy, renewables, all feature in these projects.

We hope this list has enabled you to see how powerful careful investment in carbon offset projects can be. At TEM, we’re wholly committed to making sure you and your business have the most authentic, lasting impact possible.

Australia, and the globe, has such a rich, diverse, and breathtaking natural landscape, we must ensure its longevity for generations to come. Carbon offsetting empowers businesses to make a direct contribution towards the future health of our planet.

Let’s take a step together today for a better tomorrow.

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